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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Featured Author - Sandra Cox! - Part 1

Whew! I managed to duck past Cupid. I sure hope he hasn't seen me or we're toast! It's bad enough he's taken over the main blog, but who knows what kind of havoc he'd create here!

I just had to bring Sandra Cox back here because Vampire Island was so good that I really had some trouble waiting to read the next installment to the story. I'll admit that I was hoping to read more about Uncle Julian - perhaps an adult romance book with him as the main character might happen? I hope so! :)

This week, Sandra tells us a little about what brought her to the world of writing:

Reading has always been an integral part of my life. Even from a young age, when my world was less than perfect, I would slip into the pages of a book and embark upon great adventures filled with animals, fairies and magical creatures. It was a natural progression, for me, to go from reading about other worlds to creating them. Worlds of the paranormal where anything is possible; where instead of punching a clock you hunt vampires or werewolves; where magical stones are given to the worthy by the gods; and where you can go back in time when you touch a sundial. Even though, I spend a great deal of my time writing, I still enjoy reading a well-told tale.


Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for having me back, Carrie. Its always a good time at MLM.

Carrie said...

We so enjoy having you here!

People really need to read Vampire Island and Moon Watchers because there are some great hunks to meet! Zoe's uncle, Julian, and her friend Braden come to mind!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Sandra is great at writing both fiction and nonfiction! I'll stop back tomorrow and see what else she has to say.

Sandra Cox said...

Braden and Uncle Julian thank you, Carrie. As do I:)

Thanks so much for stopping by, lovely Julia.

Carrie said...

For those of you reading this, I forgot to mention to check back each Tuesday for that week's installment.

Thanks for stopping by!