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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Featured Author - Sandra Cox! - Part 4

Today we take a closer look at Moon Watchers!

BLURB: Some people think being a Were hunter is weird. For me it’s perfectly normal. What I see as odd is my attraction to the hunkalicious Braden Knight. Why? I think he’s a vampire.

EXCERPT: Braden had been attracted to the luscious Jolene since the first moment he’d set eyes on her. She reminded him of the old song by Dolly Parton, the one about a sensuous siren. That’s Jolene, in a very earthy kick-ass fashion.

He stared at said siren. He could smell her fear, sharp and tangy, and fought back the urge to taste that always lived with him. Like a recovering alcoholic he beat back the craving for hot sweet blood. He’d taken a vow. One he refused to break. If there were a Vampires Anonymous, I’d probably be president, he thought wryly.

And if the blood craving wasn’t bad enough, his nineteen year old body responded with a kick of desire just as acute as his lust for the warm red liquid that flowed through her. It would be so easy to give in and satisfy both.

He could do it in a heartbeat…her heartbeat. He could hear it thump, thump, thumping against her ribs. It stirred him unbelievably. She might fight him at first but it would be temporary. Women could never resist him.

He took a deep breath and thought of all the misery he’d caused in his long and checkered past. His desire cooled. And while her blood still smelled sweet, it no longer tempted him.

Not familiar with the Hunter series? Check out this trailer for Vampire Island:

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Featured Author - Sandra Cox! - Part 3

Hey there readers! Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I've been out with migraines. Cupid would have posted himself, but I kind of wouldn't give him the map to the cove. Telling Cupid where everything in the blog is would be like letting the patients run the asylum. Hopefully you enjoy the interview!

My guests today are, Braden Knight and Jolene Sayer – Please, have a seat on our lovely couch! – from Moon Watchers, a small town in Minnesota. Their tale can be found in Moon Watchers, a novel creation by Sandra Cox.

Before we begin, I must remind everyone to please try and keep your responses to a PG13 atmosphere – the Moonlight Mistresses rules, not mine *eye roll*. Double entendres are acceptable and widely encouraged for events and phrases we don’t want our young readers to really know about. Oooh, it will be so much fun trying to guess what you’re really saying!

*Settling comfortably onto the sofa, draping his arm over the back and sipping his bubbly* That Miss Havana in Reaper’s Domain is one hot teacher and boy would I love to get into her…class! I might actually learn something…oh…did I say that out loud? *Clears throat* Sorry. Let’s get back to the interview.

You two make one fine pair! I did a wonderful job pairing you two up if I do say so myself! Then, I just love all of my matches!

Cupid: Please, Braden, tell our readers how you two first met. Was it by your design, or hers?

Braden: Mine of course. I first met her while she was visiting her cousin Zoe Tempest on Vampire Island.

Cupid: Oooh! Vampire Island. Sounds very interesting and spooky! Jolene, would you say it was love at first sight or did you find him repulsive?

Jolene: Cupid, I’m afraid you are laboring under a terrible misapprehension and possibly shot the wrong person in the bum. I’m a werewolf hunter and Braden is a…*She lowers her voice and whispers* vampire. We couldn’t possibly have a relationship.

Cupid: Eh, every relationship has its obstacles, just accept them and see where this plays out. FYI – I aim for the heart, and I never miss! You’re just trying to resist what you already know is in your heart. This one’s for both of you. Since chaotic happenstance tends to put characters like yourselves in situations where they must work together or live together for one reason or another, tell us what chaotic happenstance “forced” the two of you to work or live together. How did you feel about this?

Jolene: I’m still trying to figure out why Braden showed up in Moon Watchers.

Braden: This is the month of the crimson moon. I knew Jolene would be in trouble and would need all the help she could get.

Cupid: Think about this Jolene – Why would Braden show up on your doorstep if he didn't care about you? This one is also for both of you. How long did it take you to know your true feelings for the other? At what point did you know, “this is the one”?

Jolene: *Taps her fingers restlessly on her thighs.* I told you, there can never be a relationship between a werewolf hunter and a vampire. And can you imagine what my cousin and her uncle, who both hunt vampires would say. *She shudders.*

Braden: *Just gives her an enigmatic look.*

Cupid: Jolene, in matters of love, it only matters what's in your heart and no one else's opinion but yours should matter. Braden, what would you say was your biggest obstacle to overcome before you could settle into a relationship with Jolene?

Braden: Well now it seems to be the werewolf hunter, vampire thing doesn’t it?

Cupid: That's not as big an obstacle as she's making it out to be. The old saying, "making a mountain out of a mole hill" comes to mind. This is for either of you. Would you like to thank anyone – other than me, of course – for getting you two together?

Jolene: Oh for goodness sake. How many times do I have to tell you we’re not together.

Braden: Well, Zoe Tempest did introduce us.

Cupid: Jolene, anyone listening to you can tell that you’re in complete denial. I know our readers have enjoyed learning about you two so far, but I’m getting a little bored, so I’m going to heat things up. Jolene, how would you end this sentence, "I wish Braden would _____?" *leans forward to eagerly hear your response*

Jolene: Go away!

Cupid: Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Braden, would you prefer to give Jolene a bubble bath or a back massage? Why?

Braden: Well Cupid, what I’d really like to do is run my teeth along her neck.

Cupid: Oooh! That's got oodles of fun possibilities. Are you sure it wouldn't be too tempting to take more than a tiny nibble?

Braden: I’m a vampire with super human, for lack of a better word, restraint. Would you like me to demonstrate on your neck, Cupid?

Cupid: How many of you remember that old show, The Newlywed Game? Well, these next questions are going to help us play a similar game. Braden, what would Jolene say is your aphrodisiac? *waggles eyebrows*

Braden: I’m a vampire. There’s nothing about me she can resist, my breath, my scent, my voice.

Cupid: Jolene, is he right? How would you have answered that question?

Jolene: *Jolene crosses her arms and stares at Cupid in stony silence.*

Cupid: *grin*That sure indicates agreement in my book! *crosses ankles and rubs his chin* Braden, what would Jolene say is a spot guaranteed to drive you crazy with passion? Is she correct in that assumption?

Braden: Her mouthwatering neck pressed against my lips.

Jolene: In your dreams, Vamp.

Cupid: Tsk, tsk, Jolene, I thought you'd have figured out by now that Braden is a special breed. I wouldn't have matched him up with you if I thought it wouldn't work. Now, Jolene, as far as you know, what is Braden’s idea of a perfect date?

Jolene: If we were dating—which we aren’t—he’d no doubt drag me to see Twilight and then take me out to dinner and order a steak so rare blood pooled in the plate.

Cupid: Braden, is she correct? If not, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Braden: No, she’s not correct. *He turns toward Jolene and looks deep into her eyes.* On our first date, we’ll walk along the beach on a clear night and run barefoot through the sand. Then we’ll go to an outdoor café and slow dance while the local band plays in the background.

Cupid: Braden, your turn in the hot seat. What is Jolene’s idea of a perfect date?

Braden: No doubt hunting Weres. * He says dryly.*

Cupid: Jolene, is he correct? If not, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Jolene: Well it doesn’t involve werewolves or full moons. * She crosses her arms and taps her toes.*

Cupid:Oooh! She's a feisty one! The next two questions are for both of you. What's the most romantic thing your lover has ever done for you?

Jolene: Turned into a bat *Jolene says sarcastically.*

Braden: Jolene’s not much given to anything she considers romantic or sappy, but I caught her looking at me once, when she thought I wasn’t watching. It took my breath away.

Cupid: If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be?

Jolene: I keep telling you, Cupid, we don’t have a relationship.

Braden: I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cupid: Jolene may be rolling her eyes and denying the relationship, but the sparks coming off these two is...well...darn close to a fourth of July fireworks grand finale! So, have the two of you had time to settle into any Valentine's Day traditions?

Jolene: *Rolls eyes.* No.

Braden: I would say our first tradition will be avoiding full moons.

Cupid: That sounds like a good idea, Braden. On that note, I think will end our interview. Thanks to Braden and Jolene for joining us today. We hope you’ll check out their story, Moon Watchers. After reading it, I think you'll come to the same conclusion - the lady doth protest too much! :)

To learn more about their author, Sandra Cox, visit:
Her website:
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Featured Author - Sandra Cox! - Part 2

Thanks to our readers for your patience. It took me a bit to post this as I've been dealing with a sinus infection induced migraine again this past week.

We hope you enjoy Part 2 of our Sandra Cox feature!

MLM: We'd like to start our interview with some questions about your life outside of writing.As February is Valentine season, we want to know - Who is that special someone you consider your valentine?

SANDRA: The happy hubby

MLM: Will you two be doing anything special for Valentine’s Day this year? Care to share the details?

SANDRA: Nothing huge. We’ll go out to eat and exchange valentines. One year we inadvertently gave each other the exact same cardJ

MLM: If you could choose your ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, what would it be? Have you ever received this as a gift?

SANDRA: A surprise get away weekend.
Uh, no.

MLM: One of the greatest things about the Internet is that we can connect with writers of all kinds from all over the globe so we want to know:

a.)What area of the country/world are you from?

SANDRA: I’m from North Carolina.

b.)What are the average temperatures of your area?

SANDRA: At this time of year, normally it would be 40s and 50s, though this year has been unusually cold.

c.)What type of clothing would most residents be wearing today?

SANDRA: A lot of people wear shorts this time of year, but again, not this yearJ

d.)What tips do you have for people to “survive” the weather where you are?

SANDRA: Buy a winter coat instead of wearing a jacket.

MLM: Say you’re at a cabin in the mountains, it’s not exactly warm out and you had the option of where you wanted your hot tub to be. Would you have the hot tub inside or outside the cabin? Why? What is it that you like specifically about it being inside or outside the best?

SANDRA: I’d want it inside near a fireplace and window where I could watch it snow. It’s nice to be cozy inside when it’s cold outside.

MLM: If you could go anywhere in the world for Valentine’s Day, where would you choose to go? Why this destination over others? What’s its connection to you?

SANDRA: Seattle. I’ve never been there and I’ve always wanted to go, plus maybe I’d run into Edward CullenJ

MLM: You've given us some great answers so far, but let's move on to your life inside of writing. Why did you choose the Paranormal Genre of YA Fiction? What was the draw for you?

SANDRA: I love paranormal in any genre. It just adds a kick. There’s something about mysticism and magical powers that’s a draw. Don’t you think?

MLM: Definitely! All of us are influenced and impacted by TV, movies, books and/or authors at different times in our lives. Who, what and which TV, movies, books and/or authors influenced you? When in your life did you discover them and why were they so influential for you? (Don’t be afraid to give us more than one of each kind!)

SANDRA: Twilight, of course, sucked me right in. Also Nora Robert’s Circle Trilogy. I followed Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody’s exploits for many years. Bottom line, I love a well-written book with characters that leap off the page and insist I accompany them to their world.

MLM: Considering the TV, movies, books and/or authors mentioned, is there one TV, movie, book and/or author in particular that you try to emulate in your writing? Which one(s) and why? Please be as specific as you can! J

SANDRA: I really like the way Nora Roberts (JD Robb) and Stephanie Meyer create such enthralling stories. They build a world you can conceptualize without giving us more information than we want. And they give us such a strong connect with their characters. True art in my opinion.

MLM: If you could describe your writing with a word or phrase, what would it be? Please look beyond words like mysterious, suspenseful, creative, unique etc., and delve into the core of your writing to tell us what word or phrase you want readers to take with them when they've finished reading your story.

SANDRA: Ooh you’ve got some challenging questions. Since you won’t let me use the above words. Grin. I would like readers to think they’ve read ‘a well told tale.’

MLM: In Part 2 we asked you about your ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Have you ever used that as a gift in one of your stories? If so, which one and what was the situation?

SANDRA: No, but now you’ve planted the seedJ

MLM: Also in Part 2 we asked you about where you’d put the hot tub and why. Does this show through in your writing? If so, give some examples how, please!

SANDRA: No, actually the opposite. A lot of my stories take place outside under a full moon……

MLM: Who decides what characters/creatures you write about, you or your muse? What kind of influence do you have over their actions and the plot, or is the muse always the one deciding who done it, where they done it and with what?

SANDRA: We have an understanding. I create the characters. My muse handles the storyline.

MLM: Of all the stories you’ve written please tell us:
a.)Which character/creature did you have the most fun creating and why? What about this character/creature makes it stand out above all the others?

SANDRA: You know every book I write, I connect with my characters so I can’t really put one above another. I will say I’ve had a lot of fun with cousins Jolene and Zoe. They are such opposites. Zoe is such a girlie-girl and Jo is in your face and doesn’t take anything from anybody.

b.)If you had the opportunity to meet just one of your characters/creatures in real life, who would it be and why?

SANDRA: Again, it would be hard to nail it down, but at this very moment. Braden Knight of Vampire Island and Moon Watchers. For a vamp, he’s pretty sexy.

c.)Which of your characters/creatures would you never want to meet under any circumstance and why

SANDRA: The werewolf queen or her pack in Moon Watchers. They’re pure evil.

d.)If you could choose to visit one setting/world you’ve created which one is it, where is it and why this destination over all the others? What makes it stand out over all the others?

SANDRA: Well, since the vamps have been cleared out, I’d like to go to Vampire Island. Warm sun, tropical breezes, and white sandy beaches sound pretty good about now.

MLM: Sandra, thanks so much for a wonderful interview!

I sure know that I want to return to Vampire Island! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I need to see more of Zoe's Uncle Julian! He's a hottie that doesn't make me feel like a cougar, lol!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Featured Author - Sandra Cox! - Part 1

Whew! I managed to duck past Cupid. I sure hope he hasn't seen me or we're toast! It's bad enough he's taken over the main blog, but who knows what kind of havoc he'd create here!

I just had to bring Sandra Cox back here because Vampire Island was so good that I really had some trouble waiting to read the next installment to the story. I'll admit that I was hoping to read more about Uncle Julian - perhaps an adult romance book with him as the main character might happen? I hope so! :)

This week, Sandra tells us a little about what brought her to the world of writing:

Reading has always been an integral part of my life. Even from a young age, when my world was less than perfect, I would slip into the pages of a book and embark upon great adventures filled with animals, fairies and magical creatures. It was a natural progression, for me, to go from reading about other worlds to creating them. Worlds of the paranormal where anything is possible; where instead of punching a clock you hunt vampires or werewolves; where magical stones are given to the worthy by the gods; and where you can go back in time when you touch a sundial. Even though, I spend a great deal of my time writing, I still enjoy reading a well-told tale.