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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Featured Author - Allan R. Shickman! - Part 1

Please help me welcome Allan Shickman!

What makes a writer anyway? From what I can see, writers are coming in the windows. Any time I mention my Zan-Gahbooks, the person I’m talking to is apt to say “I’m writing a book too.” Armed with a word processor (I’m old enough to remember when typewriter ribbons and grit erasers made writing difficult.), we all envision ourselves receiving the accolades of an admiring and richly rewarding book-reading world. Besides, which of us does not have something to say, or long to be listened to? Love of words, a surplus of creative energy, and constantly goading dreams of outrageous success lead us to the fatal step of writing that first paragraph.

I was born to a lower middle class family, went to the public schools, and was encouraged by my teachers (curse them!) to become an artist. Eventually I became an art historian, taught for three decades at the University of Northern Iowa, and took the early retirement deal. Along the way, I published in some very distinguished art history and English literature journals. So upon retirement I took the next step upward and began writing prehistoric adventure books for young adults. I have written two, and have just about finished the third—all part of the same book series.

When I hit it big, I plan to buy the castle next door to Ms. Rowling’s. Will you visit me once I get moved in?